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BERNINA Q24 Long Arm Quilter w/Pro Frame 13'

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QUILT BIG Carry out your large quilting projects with confidence and immerse yourself in the world of longarm quilting. Due to the simplicity of the machine and frame design this quilting system has the largest usable quilting space in its category. Select from a 20" or 24" platform to build the perfect system for home or studio. The BERNINA Q20 comes standard as a sit-down model machine with a robust quilt table. The BERNINA Q24 is designed as a frame model machine and can only be used on the PRO Frames. The large freearm on both models offers a great deal of length and height, thus helping with big quilts. Choose between: · 20" sit-down model with quilt table · 24" or 20" model with “Large” PRO Frame (12'11" / 3,93 m) · 24" or 20" model with “Classic” PRO Frame (11'11" / 3,63 m) · 24" or 20" model with “Small” PRO Frame (8'10" / 2,7 m)

Q-MATIC: QUILTING WITH SOFTWARE Teaming up with the innovative BERNINA Q 24 and Q 20 machines on Classic or Large PRO Frames, Q-matic fulfills your automated quilting needs in just a few simple steps. Whether stitching out simple edge-to-edge designs or intricate custom patterns, your way to an original masterpiece will be extremely easy. The intuitive Q-matic Software interface helps you finish your quilt with ease. The 21.5" all-in-one touch screen PC mounted to the side of the frame guarantees convenient access to all designing and quilting features. For ease-of-use, additional interactive displays on the machine head screen allow control of design stitch-out and placement directly from the sewhead. Returning to the main screen is not necessary, making your quilting highly efficient.

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